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Fuel cell system

To prepare for the upcoming hydrogen society, hydrogen energy is applied to power ships, trains, and airplanes and provide electric power generation for industrial and residential applications.

HTWO, with its proprietary hydrogen fuel cell technology developed over two decades, is expanding the scope of hydrogen energy applications through partnerships in a wide variety of industrial sectors.


As a sub-brand of Hyundai Motor, HTWO builds on the automaker's extensive automotive industry experience, technology, manufacturing, and quality control. HTWO provides integrated solutions for the application of hydrogen fuel cells to a diverse range of industrial sectors.

  • Technical Feasibility Review

    It starts with an analysis of customer requirements, packaging, power system and part specifications, etc.

  • Engineering Support

    Provide the required information for system application and support through customized H/W, S/W modifications & development.

  • System Supply

    Ensure the stable supply and delivery of fuel cells by managing all aspects of mass production and the supply chain.

  • System Installation and Commissioning Assistance

    Onsite support services encompass system installation, quality inspection at all stages, and supervision of trial operation.

  • After-Sales Customer Support Service

    This includes warranty coverage, troubleshooting, repair, and spare parts delivery to ensure stable operation and client satisfaction.